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This Business Plan Workbook is written to help you to create your own Business Plan quickly and easily, even if you have never done this before. This is a practical Workbook, so you can learn by doing, encouraging you to begin immediately, and helping you to improve your plan and your business as you go along. Writing your Business Plan doesn’t need to take a very long time, and once you are fairly clear on the business you are starting, this Workbook will make it very easy to get it down on paper really quickly.

The structure for your Business Plan is clearly laid out for you in easy to read samples of real Business Plans, that you can use to get started on your own plan straight away. There is a contents section, that frames the material needed to write the plan, with lists of questions that will help you to organise your thoughts and your business start up. There are dozens of templates that are floating around for Business Plan writing, but they are mostly designed for Business Students with a huge Business vocabulary, and a Tutor to talk them through it, along with lots of reference Text books. This Workbook is the very opposite of a blank template where you need to know everything to fill it in. It helps you to know what goes in every section, and to realise when you are right, as well as when you are wrong. You are advised how much you need to write in every section, as well as how to present the information so it is very easy for anybody to read and understand your Business Idea. The examples have clear notes for every page of the sample, telling you exactly how and what for every page of your own Business plan.

If you are just a regular person with a Business idea, and need to get a Business plan together for any reason, from straightening out your Business idea, to the Bank asking for a detailed Business Plan, this is the Workbook you have been looking for. You could be well on your way to having the Business Plan you need by this time tomorrow using this Business Plan Workbook.

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Chapter Overviews

Chapter 1 -
How to use this Workbook

You can read the workbook through from beginning to end before you begin, or if you prefer, just refer to each section for guidance as you create your own plan. The first, and the last part of the workbook concentrate on how best to present your Business Plan for easy reading and quick understanding of the content.

Chapter 2 -

This book is designed to help you write an effective simple Business Plan and create Cash Flow Projections for your new or existing Small Business in a very short time. If you are starting your own business, developing your existing business or you are sourcing funds for a particular Project, a clear concise Business plan will assist you in organising your ideas, goals, and finances into one document.

Chapter 3 -
Contents Page

This is an unlikely minefield, and the most common section to have errors that make you and your business seem poorly prepared and careless. This chapter sets you straight on the common difficulties and the simplest ways to keep everything correct.

Chapter 4 -
What is a Business Plan?

A Business Plan is a document, booklet, or series of documents developed to tell the story of your Project or Start-Up Business, prepared in the particular way to make it relevant, readable and to the point. It should be concise, a sharp assembly of the facts relating to your proposal, using the least amount of words possible without excluding any relevant information in the process.

Chapter 5 -
Who needs a Business Plan?

You generally need a Business Plan to lay out your idea for a new business, for a change or expansion in your existing business, or to document your plan for business in the coming year. For a new business, a formal plan becomes necessary when your idea moves from just a concept onto the planning stage, and people become involved who need o know every aspect of the project or Business.

Chapter 6 -
Do I have to do it myself?

Writing your own Business Plan will familiarise yourself with every detail off the project. The marketing, pricing, sales targets, and all the numbers that are vital to success in your venture must be researched and written down. New information and capabilities will be drawn from you in this process that are important to the success of the venture.

Chapter 7 -
What is the purpose of my document?

Stating clearly the purpose of the document determines the necessary content, and the level of detail required for each section. Is it to get a bank loan? To go along with a grant application? Or to investigate and state all the roadblocks or possibilities of our new business?

Chapter 8 -
Use this short cut

Most Business Plans are written from a template, using targeted headings to guide the writer/Business Owner/Creator of the new Business Plan. This can be a difficult way to begin, unless you have had experience in writing similar plans. It is much easier to take a proven Business Plan and edit it to suit your business and situation.Editing to suit is a great starting point for your Business Plan.

Chapter 9 -
Your Sample Plan

Here is a real Business Plan that got real Money from a real Bank, only the names and location have been changed. This helps you to decide what to keep in your plan and what to leave out. A clear example of a working Business Plan for you to work off; thats what you will find in here.

Chapter 10 -
Simplicity is the key

Your Business Plan Will Help You- -Establish the scope of your Business. -Determine the start up cost. -Calculate the returns on, and the return of, your investment. -Determine the time commitment required for success. Etc.

Chapter 11 -
Rules for success

-Less is more! Use simple language and get to the point immediately. -Choose a readable font, such fas Arial or Times New Roman. -Black letters on a white background work best. -Print only on one side of the page. Etc.

Chapter 12 -
Points to consider

-How much time is needed to start this business? -How much time do you need to run this business? -How much money do you need to start this business? -What is the breakeven point of this business? Etc.

Chapter 13 -
Drive depth in each section

As we begin a venture, we are inevitably drawn to the product and service we supply, making sure that the quality is the way we want it, the standard of finish is perfect and that the customer is completely delighted with our attention to detail of our offer. This is a very good approach as a productive employee but as a new business owner it is necessary to take a broader view.

Chapter 14 -
Instant 3 year Cashflow projections

This Chapter makes it easy to create detailed, realistic and accurate cashflow projections for your new business, with options of three different ways to begin so as to suit you best. You will have the numbers in order in no time, and you know this is the Bank Managers favourite section, so we had better get it right.

Chapter 15 -
Polish the end result

First drafts are rough by nature; How to check through your business plan and make the fine changes that make the difference between just done and well done.

Chapter 16 -
Present with confidence

Now that your Business Plan is prepared, you generally have to accompany it to a meeting at some point. This Chapter walks you through the best way to do this, identifies the potholes, and guides you around them to give your Business the best possible chance at success.

Testimonials about the Author

Dave McEvoy

DMAC Media, Collooney, Co. Sligo

Brian’s approach to training lead to an immediate and measurable improvement in the way I operated.


I was a student on the Train the Trainer course inMarch 2010 delivered by Brian Dolan. He demonstrated an ability to analyse problems and an innate ability to create understanding on the most difficult of concepts.


I would highly recommend Brian; he will make you better at what you do.

Peigin Doyle

Writer and Editor

Brian Dolan's business planning course helped me focus my thinking and identify which of my target markets offered the greatest potential for increasing my business and income. 


Brian packed some canny advice, along with strategic planning and marketing skills, into a very inspirational and enjoyable training course.

About the Author

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Delivering hundreds of business training courses, Brian has discovered that paying attention to managing your business can multiply your profit.

He has read thousands of books exploring the secrets (and the obvious) of Business and Personal success, drawing on observation, critical analysis, and his experience of starting businesses in three countries to inspire, assist and advise entrepreneurs and businesses in pursuit of their goals.

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